Sun, Apr 09, 2017

You Can't Get Away with Murder

Long before the modern mysteries we enjoy today, the bible had a murder mystery. It was one of fratricide – brother killing brother. We know that Cain killed Abel, not because of sibling rivalry, but because of unacceptable worship. From the book of genesis chapter 4, Cain, the farmer, brings God ordinary fruit from his harvest, while Abel, the shepherd, brought to the Lord the firstborn of his flock, his very best. God favors Abel and is well pleased. He rejects Cain and Cain becomes angry and kills his brother. Today on Standing on the Word, Pastor Victor shares how our worship should be focused on pleasing God, not on self and expectation. When we don’t give Him our very best we are not giving Him what He deserves. Listen to today’s message pastor entitles, You Can’t Get Away with Murder.
Duration:25 mins 5 secs
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