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Coronavirus Operations Update

October 13, 2020


As I try to touch bases with as many of you as I possibly can and continuously receive reports from our Diaconate Ministry, the reverberating question that I get as feedback is, “when do you think we’ll get back?”  My most forthright and honest answer is, “I don’t know.”  I have convened a re-entry task force to advise me on these matters and to put protocols in place for our gathering in person when the time is right.  Currently, I don’t believe the time is right!  At the time of this writing, the positivity rate in Virginia is above 4% and the Commonwealth is on the verge again of becoming a hotspot for the virus according to the scientific community.  Therefore, for the foreseeable future our ministry offerings will indefinitely remain virtual.  I hope you can understand the need for a cautious approach regarding the decision-making for any considerations about re-entry.  I want, as your pastor charged with overseeing your well-being, to ensure upon return a wholistic environment which is beneficial for your spiritual needs and is also a safe space to accomplish that goal.  Consequently, we will re-evaluate this decision around the first of the year unless this situation drastically improves during the interim.


While I am dismayed by this reality, I am also encouraged by the creativity of our ministerial staff to find innovative ways to carry out the Mt. Olive mission.  You should give God praise for such a talented cadre of clergy who are so gifted that they can efficiently and effectively perform the work of ministry among us at such a tumultuous time.  Additionally, you should also congratulate yourselves for being a generous, committed, and cohesive church family.  Your support, both spiritually and financially, enable us to reach our immediate community and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in both Word and deed.  I am proud to be your pastor!

In conclusion, I implore you to remain vigilant in practicing Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization established protocols.  The simplest social etiquette of handwashing/sanitizing and wearing a mask or facial covering will go a long way in retarding the spread of this disease.  I am tired of wearing a mask so I know you must be tired of the same.  However, our faithfulness to good practices, along with the help of the Almighty, will eventually give us the victory.


Be Safe, Be Blessed,

Pastor Victor

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