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Administrative Ministries

The Administrative and Support ministries of Mt Olive seek to serve God and this community through administrative support and spiritual leadership of this faith community.  They provide assistance to the Pastor and the ministerial staff in meeting the needs of the membership; they ensure the safety and well-being of the community through the management of the physical facilities.  They communicate the ongoing ministry of the church through internal and external marketing of ministry events and finally, foster positive relations between the pastor and the congregation.  

Ministries in this area are: 

Deacon’s Ministry – Ordained by the congregation, this group of women and men serve daily to support the pastor in meeting the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the membership.  They perform hospital and home visits to members; lead Bible studies and prayer services; oversee the preparation of elements for Communion Services and generally, aid the pastor in tending to the membership. They also care for and connect members through geographically based small groups (Click Here to find your Tabernacle Ministry Team).

The Pastoral Relations Committee is an arm of the Deacon Ministry that fosters positive relations between the pastor and the congregation by receiving any concerns from the membership and working with the pastor and the congregation to resolve any issues which surface.   

To connect with the Deacon Ministry email Deacon Chair, Jeffery Eskridge

Trustee Ministry – Trustees are the legal holders of property for the church under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  They are responsible for managing all of the legal, physical and financial matters of the church, as directed by the congregation. All trustees are elected by the congregation. To receive more information on this body contact:  Trustee Patricia Tillman-Talbert 

Administrative Ministries – The purpose of this area of ministry is to assist the church in carrying out its mission by organizing and coordinating administrative functions; managing the use of the physical structure including scheduling of events and communicating the activities of the church both internally and externally.  The church office staff includes:

 Church Administrator - Rev. Sabra Jones

Church Secretary and Administrative Assistant to the Pastor - Ms. Mia Gray 

Church Clerk’s Office – The Church Clerk maintains the official records of Mt Olive including the membership data and the minutes of all congregational meetings.  The Clerk also assists members and non-members who desire the use of the church facilities during times of loss (funerals) and times of celebration (weddings).  For more information contact the Church Clerk, Sis. Angela McMurray

Communications Ministry – The purpose of this ministry is to foster good communication throughout the church congregation as well as to announce the positive events at Mt Olive to the rest of the community.  The ministry seeks to invite and encourage others to participate in the ministry activities at Mt Olive with the desired goal of growing in faith in God and fellowship with one another.   This is accomplished through the development and maintenance of the church website; management of all social media presences; marketing all church events through print and electronic media including the quarterly newsletter, The Olive Tree, and capturing the history of this faith community through pictures and videos.  

To learn more about the Communications ministry contact Church Administrator, Rev. Sabra L. Jones

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