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Sun, Oct 25, 2020
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
The United States is just days away from the pinnacle of this unprecedented election season, and this powerful sermon focuses on an obsession with law and order that is pervasive even today. The text, John 7:53 – 8-11, provides an example of law and order that is unjust because there is an effort to enforce it inequitably. Pastor Victor explores the pressing question we want Jesus to answer for us concerning unequal and unfair treatment under the law.

In the passage, the zealous Pharisees ask Jesus a question seeking to entrap him. He initially answers them with silence connoting his disgust with their attempt at unequal distribution of the law. Instead of punishment and penalization of the sinner, and we are all sinners, did they not know that Jesus’s mission is making troubled souls whole? He does not seek to denigrate his own; Jesus wants us to turn away from sin and live full, abundant lives.

Jesus then addresses the aggregated accusers directly. He challenges them to reflect on their own transgressions. Upon self-reflection surely our own conscience will remind us of past wrongdoings, and we will recognize that we are not qualified to judge anyone. No one, not even Jesus who is without sin, can stand in judgement of another. Only God can judge.

Finally, Jesus speaks with humanity to the accused. He asks the woman to identify those who can condemn her. Seeing there is no one she recognizes his grace and mercy. She is more than her sin and she is liberated to move beyond her shameful past with a brand-new opportunity to get it right. Jesus also pardons us through the same grace and the same mercy. He wants no part of the ugly politics of unjust law and order. Christ bent down and rose up to offer us forgiveness and to live a life that honors and glorifies God.
Sun, Oct 18, 2020
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Today Pastor Victor introduces to us a new sermon series that is especially relevant in our current environment and situation. The series is titled, “The Politics of Jesus”, and the text, Matthew 22: 15-22, will guide us this fall as we cast our ballots. In this passage we gain assurance that our utmost allegiance is to God.

The question as to whether to pledge our support to a particular political power or loyalty to God may seem perplexing and confusing, but Jesus makes it crystal clear. He does not advocate a split between the secular and the sacred. When we vote, participate in various organizations, conduct our work or serve our community, we must bring our God-conscience along. Every place we are and everything we do is sacred.

There is no need for us to be apolitical, for in carrying out our civic duties and paying our fair share to contribute to the greater good, we are still practicing our faith. We have no need to worry that we are serving two rulers. God is not in a competition with our earthly leaders, nor is he competing with evil. Though dynasties end, and presidencies have term limits, our sovereign Creator’s rule is everlasting.

In this divided nation some may insist that love of God and country must be demonstrated by pledging allegiance to a flag. Yet Christians know that our ultimate loyalty and allegiance is only to our God.
Sun, Oct 11, 2020
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Pastor Victor commences his new sermon series, “The Faithfulness of God” with a passage from 2 Timothy 2: 8-13. In his farewell letter, an imprisoned Apostle Paul encourages the younger missionary Timothy to endure and remain faithful through the struggles he will surely face as he spreads the gospel. Paul reminds him that God is always faithful and will always keep His promises.

Presently, Christians who are struggling with their faithfulness need only look back over their lives for reassurance that God is always good. If we are honest with ourselves, we can recount times when we have not been faithful to God. However, even when we fall short the Lord remains faithful because He will never deny Himself.

By delving into God’s character, nature, and essence we can find comfort and renew our faith. As the Pastor says, God is God-ness. God is good. God is love. Remember that God sacrificed His only Son to save us. Because we are saved, He will keep His promises. God wants to love us and give us a life that is full and abundant.

Do you recall when you could not see the way? Didn’t He make a way? In your loneliest, most desolate hours, wasn’t God there? Although we may suffer, with God we can endure. We can endure because is a promise keeper. He is faithful and worthy of our trust. So, come what may, never grow weary of being true to self and faithful to God, for everlasting glory is our future.
Sun, Aug 30, 2020
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Today the pastor focuses on a benediction that is a prayer of peace. It is found in Hebrews 13: 20 – 21. The writer closes his letter to the persecuted people with words to help them understand they can live a life of peace – a good life. Undying faith, worshipping the Lord, and doing good in the world leads to a good life. So, my beloved, what is a good life that pleases God?

Contrary to popular belief, the good life is not defined as a a life filled with material possessions. The good life is one that is steeped in a meaningful connection to the God of peace. This is a peace that dwells within no matter what is happening externally. The struggles we encounter in life are no match for the peace we experience when the Lord is our closest ally.

God’s resurrection power raised His Son from the grave. Surely, His power is more than enough for us to rebound from any knockout punch life manages to land. Because of Him we can get back up again and courageously face whatever lies ahead.

We can live a good life because the Lord is our shepherd. The Holy One guides us through life’s puzzling maze. God will help us find our way and live a life that is complete. A life of completeness is possible when we live His vision for our lives. Life is good when we simply say, “To God be the glory, Amen and Amen!”
Sun, Aug 23, 2020
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Continuing in the sermon series, “The Power of God’s Word”, Pastor Victor’s text is taken from Numbers 6: 22-27, a passage that offers the priestly benediction. This benediction is more important than ever as we live through these times of unrelenting crises. His word redirects us from our troubles, deftly correcting our vision and defining the purpose for our existence. The scripture assures us that God has a heart for his people, and His desire is to bestow blessings upon us.

From the text we learn three important lessons. The first is the significance of generational continuity in clarifying our vision and properly fitting us for spiritual glasses. In the benediction, the prophet imparts to his brother, Aaron, and Aaron’s sons, the purpose of their lives. This understanding must be passed from one generation to the next in order to live life as God intended. The Lord wants us to live a blessed life and give us peace.

Secondly, we learn that God consciousness is necessary for recognizing that our blessings flow from the Lord. We are being kept by God through His grace. We make it from day to day in this life’s journey only because God is smiling on us. He provides to us immense resources to withstand whatever comes our way. Never doubt that the Lord will see you through for He is our comforter, our protector, our healer.

Lastly, practicing generosity courage gives us clearer vision. Do not be afraid to share the tremendous blessings you have been given. A courageous spirit of giving that exudes caring, love, compassion, and kindness takes nothing away from you. Conversely, when you live in your purpose, spreading your rich blessings, even greater blessings are in store for you. And remember, God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others.
Sun, Jul 05, 2020
Passage: Psalm 19:14
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Pastor Victor’s new sermon series will focus on several benedictions in the bible, and today’s installment takes its text from a very familiar and beloved verse, Psalm 19:14. The verse is essentially a humble prayer of dedication, and very fitting for the occasion. We are celebrating the commencement and accomplishments of our 2020 graduates.

Most assuredly the graduates recognize that the Lord has been with them as they progressed through school or matriculated at their chosen university, and He will continue to be their rock and keep on guiding them to choose what is right as they start life’s next exciting chapter.

In return, of utmost importance is pleasing God every step of the way. God is pleased when we seek an intimate relationship with Him. When we get to know God better, He gets to know us even better. In this busy world of ours, we must always carve out quality time with the Lord. For without Him, we would have nothing let alone experience the marvelous things He has in store.

We also please Him when the meditations of our hearts are acceptable in His sight. Our heart is the source of the words we speak. Are our words beautiful and emanate from an inner purity? Are our words edifying and full of grace? Do our words please God? Especially at commencement as graduates ponder and plan their future, others may also join in by praying the graceful, blessed prayer of benediction, rededicating themselves to the Lord. For He is sovereign, and He is our strength.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my Redeemer. Amen.
Sun, Jun 28, 2020
Passage: Mark 9:14-29
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
On this Father’s Day, as we pause to honor the men who have been entrusted by God to love and care for His precious children, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the sense of desperation felt by so many fathers today. Like the agonized father in Mark 9: 14-29, men of color are surely feeling heightened levels of urgency and desperation. Pastor Victor preaches a sermon to help diminish the ever-present turmoil. Of course, Jesus is the model for Christians to move from a state of desperation to deliverance. The first thing Jesus does when the anguished father reaches out to Him is assert agency. Jesus immediately decides He himself will address the situation directly. We too have God-given power to do something in every situation. We are not helpless because God is on our side. Jesus then asks the right question. He understood that the father had endured the suffering of his son for too long. We of a darker hue in this country have suffered long. We have had to bear over four centuries of injustice and inequality. Yes, enough is enough. It is time for real change to occur. The whole world recognizes normalized, brutal inhumanity. That is why we are witnessing diverse protests all around the globe. The status quo is no longer acceptable. Finally, Jesus accepts another set of assumptions. Where others see death and defeat, Jesus sees hope. With Jesus any situation can change. Instead of sinking into depression and despair, why not choose hope? We leave desperation behind when we assume something better is ahead. We do not have to take it anymore. Our own agency, asking the right questions, and our acceptance of alternative assumptions have the power to propel us from desperation to divine deliverance.
Sun, Jun 21, 2020
Passage: Psalm 46:1-3
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Sun, Jun 07, 2020
Duration: 24 mins 45 secs
On this Pentecost Sunday, we pause to recognize the birth of the Christian church. In today’s passage, Ephesians 1: 11:14, Paul tells the first believers that they have received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Because we too have heard and accepted the Gospel, His spirit dwells in us. We are His children and therefore guaranteed the same inheritance. Recognizing that we are God’s own calls for a celebration of the unique gifts the Lord has bestowed upon each of us. The sermon tells us that when others do not treat us as children of God and there is no affirmation, our very humanity is devalued. That may become the basis of excruciating spiritual pain. The riots we are witnessing in the United States at this unprecedented time are the outcry of pain unleashed. Rioters feel unvalued and hopeless. They are seeking an inkling of acknowledgement and an outlet for their overflowing anguish. Though society, individual families, or even the church may fail to acknowledge the worthiness and Holy Spirit in others, never forget we are all valued by God. He sees us and we can count on Him to claim us as His own. Because we are His, at this very moment we can have peace, joy, kindness, and a life full of grace and abundance. The seal of the Holy Spirit allows us to remain hopeful, secure in the knowledge that He values us and calls us His own. We can never be denied our inheritance. Because of His remarkable down-payment plan, we enjoy our blessings right now. We are His children and His claim on our lives mean that we can live our lives on purpose, be productive, and full of praise. This life, born of His spirit and full of His love, is just a foretaste of glory divine, the best that is surely to come.
Sun, May 31, 2020
Passage: Romans 14:7-9
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Today’s scripture, Romans 14: 7-9, encourages believers in the diverse Roman church to recognize that they all belong to God. They were born again therefore they were to live a life that is pleasing to God, for no one who has been born again lives only for themselves.

As Christians, we too belong to God, in life and in death. Our pastor gives us distinct implications that help us understand what this truly means. The first implication is our utter dependency on Him. We surrender all to the Lord. A myriad of experiences teach us that even the people we align ourselves with for a sense of belonging, at some point will fail or even betray us. They may be our kin or kindred, our long-time friends, or organizations. But there is no failure in God. We can always depend on Him; therefore, we surrender freely to His will.

>/p> The second implication is our sacrifice. We willingly sacrifice to serve God and His people. Through random or deliberate acts of kindness we sacrifice and serve. Christians live life to please the Lord, for that is what truly matters. Witnessing people who protest the mere inconvenience of protecting others from the spread of a virus do not understand that sacrifice is for the greater good. Where is their humanity? Do they not know their selfishness can be harmful and impact others?

We Christians belong to the Lord and we have security. Divine ownership provides security in this life and in death. There is no need to fear because God keeps us and guides us. We can live full, abundant lives secure in the knowledge that He is with us all of our days, and even after our days on earth have ended.

Finally, surrendering to the Lord, sacrificing for others well-being, and living a life secure in His care means we are satisfied. We are satisfied in our heart and soul because we please our Creator. We are never isolated because He is with us and we dwell among a community of believers. Though we may be for a time separated by space and distance, we are one because we belong to Him. We are God’s property.

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