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The 10th chapter of Mark gets to the root cause of a fractured fellowship. Disciples John and James’ request for Jesus to set them apart from the rest of the disciples resulted in consternation from the other ten. Jesus gave all twelve of his disciples immediate instruction, telling them how to repair the fellowship. Isn’t that just like Jesus to give gentle correction without chastisement?

We can see for ourselves the divisiveness that results when people seek to claim superiority over others. We live in a nation divided by citizens who choose to wallow in privilege, instead of following the creed that all are created equal. Our leaders seem oblivious to the fact that they are in office to serve the people and not be self-serving. Their oppressive actions are causing a malaise across the land. Our pastor pointed out that a self-serving posture also causes fractures and damages relationships in churches.

Models of superiority surround us, but what we need are models of servitude. We need to look to examples of those putting others before themselves for a greater good. Jesus is the perfect model of serving with love and kindness. God gave us his only Son to save us from our sins. He came here to serve. As Christians, we too should always seek to serve.

Take up your cross, follow Jesus and use your gifts to serve. There is nothing sweeter than helping someone in need of help. Not in the spirit of superiority, but in the spirit of service. Authentic, divine fellowship occurs when we approach one another, not for our own power, but with sincere humility and loving kindness. Choose not to be served, but seek ways to be of service in his kingdom here on earth.,
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