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Sun, Dec 15, 2019

A Declaration of Devotion

Nothing is more appropriate on this last communion Sunday of the year than focusing on worship.

Our pastor’s sacred text is taken from Matthew 2:1-2. In these verses the wise men are seeking the newborn King. The Magi from the East’s declaration of devotion to the Christ child during King Herod’s murderous rule remind us why we must remain steadfast and devoted to God in our own turbulent times. The wise men first worshiped the Lord by asking the right question.

They followed the star and asked where they could find Jesus. This apropos question led to an opportunity to have an encounter with the Holy One. In order to receive what you need or discover what you are hoping to find, you must not be afraid to inquire. An intimate relationship with God means you can ask Him anything. Secondly, their desire to worship the Lord led them to keep looking.

Never stop seeking God because if you do, you will not find Him. When you are faced with life’s challenges and evil forces surround you, look for Him. In the midst of your troubles, when He feels so far away, be still and see God at work. Do we not seek Him most fervently during periods of devastation? No matter what you are going through, just keep looking for Him. He is with you.

Lastly, showing up is worship. When you truly show up and give of yourself, God will draw closer as well. Remember, in this special season of giving, presents without presence are empty; they are hollow. Just show up with an open heart. Declare your devotion to Christ with real presence. By being present, all will be well with your soul.

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