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Following the hustle and bustle of Christmas cheer and giving, even the most devout Christian may find themselves deflated and deenergized. Although the birth of Christ brings beauty, warmth, hope and love, it is also a season of mixed emotions, feeling overwhelmed and one may be left with an aura of sadness and emptiness. However, this sermon, taking its text from the 3rd chapter of Matthew’s 11th and 12th verses, is right on time. It is salve for the weary soul. The sermon reminds us that as Christians we are baptized by water for repentance and forgiveness of our sins. Baptism by water and old-time religion’s traditions and rituals are good and necessary. However, the coming of Christ refines the old and provides for us baptism by fire and the holy spirit. The fire gives us the energy we need for our Christian walk, and when our light and energy grow dim, we can connect to holy spirit for rejuvenation, as holy ghost power is inexhaustible.

The newborn King signals a new era and makes all things brand new. Jesus redefines and transforms all that we do into something greater. Our prayers are more earnest, our work and service become ministry, our love is transcendent. The baby in the manger strengthens our relationship with God and the practice of our faith. Jesus is our all-access pass to God’s unlimited power.

Don’t you want to use your energy for him? Do you want to live a life that is useful in his kingdom? Of course you do. To live a life of purpose and usefulness turn away from all that robs you of positive energy and corrodes your relationship with him. Stay connected through his Son. That is the reason he gave us his only begotten Son. That is why we celebrate the baby in the manger. Christ saves our very souls and allows for a relationship of greater depth with God. Praise the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost!
Duration:25 mins 3 secs

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