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Sun, Feb 03, 2019

A New Style of Fellowship

The second chapter of Acts focuses on four tenets of the early church. In today’s sermon we take a closer look at one of the basics, fellowship. When you think of fellowship, you may first think of joining your best friends for dinner at a trendy restaurant or gathering for a special event. Well, think again because the apostles’ fellowship was not simply related to dining out or attending social events. The apostles’ fellowship took on a whole new style. They embraced community with fellow Christians.

In the new style of fellowship, inclusion was the foundation. This fellowship was not about the mingling and networking of homogenous people. No, their fellowship was not cliquish. Individuals’ differences and distinctions were honored and given respect within this community of believers. The new style of fellowship typified inclusion. Inclusion means conformity is not a requirement and unique qualities are desirable and accepted. Inclusion is good for the soul.

It may seem counter intuitive, but this style of fellowship is also exclusive. This does not mean it was exclusive to the point of ostracism, as no one was ostracized. However, it does set apart those who receive God’s message and repent. Not everyone is privy to this exclusive group. Only people devoted to a lifestyle inspired by the spirit of God gain access.

Sharing also is a characteristic of the apostles’ fellowship. Collective sharing seeks to meet the needs of the entire community. One of the greatest joys in life is to give to others. Giving from the heart our resources, expecting nothing in return. That is what God wants of us.

Inclusive, exclusive and a heart to share God’s gifts. What a blessing to fellowship with those who love the Lord and live to please him. Oh, what a fellowship. Let us continue to fellowship in the new style of the apostles!
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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