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On this cold and cloudy fourth Sunday of 2022, Pastor Victor invites us to engage in an exercise in which we imagine with him the ancient biblical world. Here we find the Jewish people rebuilding a wall in an environment as complex as this the twenty first century which now is mired in battles, divisions, and trauma. In today’s text, Nehemiah 4:1-6, although their city of Jerusalem is in ruins, the people come together with a holistic vision to restore what has been destroyed. In this current day as we try to recover from the woes of this world, we can learn much from the characteristics of a people who work uniformly and collectively to accomplish God’s mission.

The first characteristic we see is that the people pursued a common goal. They worked together to complete the wall for everyone’s protection recognizing that the wall was also symbolic of the presence of God. Secondly, another characteristic was they worked for a common result. Personal agendas aside, theirs was a communal life, seeking to live in harmony with one another. They lived to finish what they started with the Lord directing their path. Lastly, the Jewish people practiced a common strategy for a common adversary. This tried-and-true strategy is assurance that their adversaries would not prevail.

Nehemiah prayed for a reversal of the situation in which his people found themselves. By pursuing a common goal, working toward a common result, and practicing a common strategy for a common adversary, they were confident the Lord would fight their battle and bring them the victory. God will also fight our battles, restoring us materially, secularly, and spiritually when we focus on our mission, and put our minds on doing the work He has purposed for us in this, His earthly kingdom.
Duration:25 mins 1 sec

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