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Sun, Apr 28, 2019

A Testimony of Transition

On this fifth Sunday, the last day of Women’s History Month, our pastor took his text from the 4th chapter of John. Can you believe that this Samaritan woman at the well, though of questionable reputation, shared a transformative testimony? As churchgoers, we can learn a lot about being the church, not just going to church, from her simple testimony.

First of all, a testimony that can transform is invitational. After her own encounter with Jesus, she urged the city dwellers to “come see a man”. She did not know everything about the bible or the rituals of religion. She just knew if they could see him, they too could be transformed by this man who knows her at the most intimate level. He knew her heart, her very essence, and he told her all about it.

Transformative testimonies are also Christocentric. They are focused on he who blesses instead of the blessing. Our testimonies may revolve around what we received in the blessing and not Christ Jesus who gave the blessing. A testimony that tells others about the man who can save them, heal them and change their very lives, is more than compelling. Such testimonies render others eager to experience him for themselves.

Lastly, testimonies with the power to transform are exploratory. The question that is posed, “Can this be the Messiah?” is certain to peak curiosity. We want to know the answer for ourselves and say, “Yes, he is the Messiah!” A vicarious faith is barely at faith at all.

No one can tell your story like you can. Your testimony has the power to cause others to come see a man and receive transformation. You must share it with all who will listen.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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