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Sun, May 19, 2019

A Word with A Promise

On this second Sunday in May, when we honor motherhood, our pastor’s text is taken from Exodus 20:12. He blends for us the word of God and Mother’s Day. Pastor Victor delves into the first of the commandments with a promise, the variety of emotions evoked by Mother’s Day, and the complexity of the parent-child relationship.

While we are commanded to honor our father and our mother so that we may enjoy longevity in the land God has given us, the sermon acknowledges the tension that exists between parent and child. Not all children have been cherished by their parents. They have not experienced easy, secure, empowering nurture and unconditional love. And, we all know that any child can be the source of many sleepless nights.

So how do we follow this commandment when the apple has fallen far from the tree and love is difficult? As parent and child, we need to admit that none of us are perfect, and realize that forgiveness will allow us to let go of our pain. We need to give one another some slack and strive to do our best. We can all admire someone who is striving to do better and doing the best they can. That is what most parents do. They do the best they can.

Honoring this commandment rewards us with the Lord’s gifts and his promise. God is good to us and he keeps his promises. He gives us an anchor, securing us with his love, and promises us that he will provide all we need and more.

Generations to come will not be compromised when we, the young and the old, come together in Christian love. When we build inclusive communities, we are all stronger. Our Heavenly Father and his beloved Son are a perfect model of familial honor, love, respect and admiration. Aspire to this holy model by following this commandment, and even if you fall short you will bask in his love and live fully on his promise.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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