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In the 16th chapter of Acts, we learn what is required to be hospitable. Genuine hospitality is an offer that cannot be refused. The well-established, gentile woman, Lydia, made such an offer to Paul and his companions as they spread the good news of Jesus Christ in Philippi.

The first requirement for hospitality is an open, welcoming heart. In this rage-filled, divided nation, most engage only with others who are most like them, this woman embraces men who are nothing like her. After hearing the word, her heart was opened, and she was transformed into a believer. With a heart wide open she offered residence to these unknown migrants, asking them to accept only if they could see that she was faithful.

Hospitality also requires vulnerability. When someone comes into your home, they can see beyond the façade. When goodness is felt, trust is engendered, and we allow others in. We are only vulnerable with those we know we can trust, and this vulnerability leads to wholeness and generosity.

Hospitality also requires opening your home to others. Your home becomes sacred space because it is a place to rest weary bones, to relax, dine, rejuvenate, to be sheltered from the storm or enjoy the warmth of the hearth. A hospitable home can be a place of creativity, planning, community growth and love. When one enters a house or a church, they instinctively know if they are welcome and if God is in that place.

God is counting on us in our homes and in our churches to be hospitable. True hospitality means God is there, and no one can ever refuse an offer to reside with the Holy.
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