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In order to understand the power of faith and obedience, one need look no further than the first book of the bible. In the 22nd chapter of Genesis, verses 1 through 14, Abraham, without hesitation, was willing to sacrifice his most beloved son, Isaac, the future of a people. He was obedient and took the test because he believed in God’s promises. Whenever our faith wanes, we should all go back to the beginning and look to Abraham.

On this Father’s Day, the pastor helps us gain Christian perspective. Our absurd moments are God’s way of testing us to be sure that He can count on us, and we can count on Him. During your tests, recognize they are temporary, designed to prepare us to trust Him more, and strengthen our relationship with Him. He promises that He will always be with us, no matter the trial or tribulation.

Even in uncertain, perilous times, we can believe in a future. God’s promises are certain because we know He will always honor them. How can we grow our faith unless we have weathered the storms of life and come out on the other side? We are rewarded with deeper faith by being obedient.

Our faith equips us with the means to care for our loved ones, keeping them from harm and danger. Abraham had no way of knowing that there would be a ram in the bush, but he did understand that God would work it out. Everyone of faith should trust in the Lord and obey. When we step out on faith, God will do the rest. The Lord will provide.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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