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Sun, Feb 02, 2020

Built to Last

This Sunday our pastor revisits Colossians 2: 6-7, considering it from another angle. He focused on the metaphor, ‘built up in him’. In last week’s sermon, we were reminded that we are rooted in Jesus Christ. Today he emphasizes we are built up in him. So that we are not confused, we are provided clarity through Pastor Victor’s examination of the text in its entirety. He helps us by expanding on the meaning of this metaphor.

Firstly, elevation means that we have been built to last and possess an upward disposition. We are of purposeful design and durable construction. Christians are structurally sound. Even financial hardships, losses, difficult relationships, illnesses and bouts of melancholy cannot destroy our foundation. God’s children are elevated and poised to withstand anything by always look up.

Because we are in Christ, we are inspired. Inspiration gives us vision and the ability to recognize potential. Our nature is to uplift others and live with a spirit of hope. The Holy Spirit within allows us to imagine something better. We have the power to see situations differently. We are not deterred by what seems impossible; instead we are focused on infinite possibilities.

Motivation launches us from inspiration to aspiration. The Lord has built us to aspire for the highest of human possibilities and be the best version of ourselves. The spirit of the Lord gives us such resilience that we are not overcome by the challenges of the world. As Christians we know downward spirals are merely temporary, and therein lies our hope. We are built to last. We are built for eternity.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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