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As we spring forward into daylight savings time, Pastor Victor continues in the sermon series, What is at the Center of Christianity? This is a question those who are twice born will find rhetorical since it is clear the cross of our Lord and Savior is Christianity’s centerpiece. The cross is the cornerstone. In today’s text, Ephesians 2: 11-20, Paul tells the Gentiles though they were previously aliens from Israel, the blood of Jesus confers upon them full citizenship. Responsibility and certain benefits are essential elements of this status. The first benefit is that every Kingdom citizen has a position of proximity. Not even a sinful past can strip away citizenship because Calvary’s cross brings believers close to the Father and the Son. Secondly, we are people of unity. Although we are unified as one, we do not lose our identity. Our belonging does not negate our uniqueness. It actually embraces it. Finally, the cross is a place of peace. Through the cross barriers are broken and we live as one. Our origins, nationalities and denominations may differ, yet we all belong to the Kingdom of God. The citizenship conferred by the cross means we have a position of proximity, we are people of unity, and the cross is our place of peace. While earthly factions may seek to divide, destroy, and conquer, we of the faith community answer to a Higher Power, and He has the ultimate authority. The diversity and individuality of every citizen is celebrated. God’s Kingdom is comprised of a beautiful rainbow of both native born and naturalized citizens. Their citizenship is irrevocable because it is granted to all who gather at the glorious cross of Jesus Christ.
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