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Sun, May 12, 2019

Developing An Easter Faith

In the 24th chapter of Luke we learn of the empty tomb and our risen Savior. Although this is cause for high praise and worship especially on Easter morning, some may have doubt. After all, there is no scientific evidence to substantiate the resurrection. Even the brothers who met Jesus face to face on their way home lost hope of redemption.

So how does one develop an Easter faith when it is so puzzling? Our pastor helps us to resolve this mystery. In order to develop great faith, we must first recognize that there is an opportunity to encounter Jesus when darkness and misery engulfs us. Even then, Jesus is there. We can invite him in to clear our vision and see us out of the muck and mire.

Recognizing that recognition of Jesus happens in repetition develops our faith as well. The grace and the blessings we have already received are our reminders that the risen Christ is real. Remembering him as we eat the broken bread representing his body further develops our faith.

The resurrection of Christ equates to release of whatever is dead in our lives. When Jesus shows up and touches the dead places we are revived. He brings hope for a breakthrough, for better days, for healing, for renewal, for joy.

Finally, developing an Easter faith entails fostering a fellowship based on the word. Faith is increased by knowing the word, keeping it in your heart and in your mind. The word is essential to strong, without a doubt, faith.

If you want to develop an Easter faith for yourself, invite him into your darkest places and remember all that he has done for you, recognizing that his resurrection releases you to have a new outlook and hope. And stay in the word. These are the keys to achieving your own Easter faith.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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