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On this Father’s Day, as we pause to honor the men who have been entrusted by God to love and care for His precious children, we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the sense of desperation felt by so many fathers today. Like the agonized father in Mark 9: 14-29, men of color are surely feeling heightened levels of urgency and desperation. Pastor Victor preaches a sermon to help diminish the ever-present turmoil. Of course, Jesus is the model for Christians to move from a state of desperation to deliverance. The first thing Jesus does when the anguished father reaches out to Him is assert agency. Jesus immediately decides He himself will address the situation directly. We too have God-given power to do something in every situation. We are not helpless because God is on our side. Jesus then asks the right question. He understood that the father had endured the suffering of his son for too long. We of a darker hue in this country have suffered long. We have had to bear over four centuries of injustice and inequality. Yes, enough is enough. It is time for real change to occur. The whole world recognizes normalized, brutal inhumanity. That is why we are witnessing diverse protests all around the globe. The status quo is no longer acceptable. Finally, Jesus accepts another set of assumptions. Where others see death and defeat, Jesus sees hope. With Jesus any situation can change. Instead of sinking into depression and despair, why not choose hope? We leave desperation behind when we assume something better is ahead. We do not have to take it anymore. Our own agency, asking the right questions, and our acceptance of alternative assumptions have the power to propel us from desperation to divine deliverance.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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