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Continuing in the sermon series, “The Power of God’s Word”, Pastor Victor’s text is taken from Numbers 6: 22-27, a passage that offers the priestly benediction. This benediction is more important than ever as we live through these times of unrelenting crises. His word redirects us from our troubles, deftly correcting our vision and defining the purpose for our existence. The scripture assures us that God has a heart for his people, and His desire is to bestow blessings upon us.

From the text we learn three important lessons. The first is the significance of generational continuity in clarifying our vision and properly fitting us for spiritual glasses. In the benediction, the prophet imparts to his brother, Aaron, and Aaron’s sons, the purpose of their lives. This understanding must be passed from one generation to the next in order to live life as God intended. The Lord wants us to live a blessed life and give us peace.

Secondly, we learn that God consciousness is necessary for recognizing that our blessings flow from the Lord. We are being kept by God through His grace. We make it from day to day in this life’s journey only because God is smiling on us. He provides to us immense resources to withstand whatever comes our way. Never doubt that the Lord will see you through for He is our comforter, our protector, our healer.

Lastly, practicing generosity courage gives us clearer vision. Do not be afraid to share the tremendous blessings you have been given. A courageous spirit of giving that exudes caring, love, compassion, and kindness takes nothing away from you. Conversely, when you live in your purpose, spreading your rich blessings, even greater blessings are in store for you. And remember, God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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