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Sun, May 03, 2020

God Is

This Sunday marks the 146th Anniversary of the Mount Olive Baptist Church, and it is indeed a day worthy of great celebration! It is also a day to reflect on how God has kept this congregation for these seven score and six years. Today’s text, Psalm 90: 1-2, is tailor-made for our collective celebration and retrospection. This psalm of communal lament gives us hope for the Lord is our dwelling place. The same refuge that He provided for generations past will shelter generations to come.

Our service commenced with a beautiful and moving pictorial collage that included church leaders and faithful members who are now in that great cloud of witnesses. The photographs are a powerful reminder of the generations before us who faithfully served and worshiped as this very same body of Christ.

The pastor’s sermon caused us to think about our individual testimonies and realize that God has been with us through every step of our journey. He carries us when we are at our most tender and fragile, when we are most vulnerable. Our hearts are strengthened, and our minds are eased as we reflect on His goodness in this vast, unstable wilderness that is America.

Though we look back, we are also prospective. We are encouraged knowing that God is, and He will always be. Just as we and our ancestors relied on our Creator, we take comfort in knowing that future generations can count on Him as well. Looking into the eyes of our children, and our children’s children, we can find rest and blessed assurance. We will not always be here with them, but God will. So, today we praise God for His grace! We praise Him for keeping us! And, we praise God for He is life everlasting!
Duration:24 mins 50 secs

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