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Sun, Jun 07, 2020

God's Down Payment Plan

On this Pentecost Sunday, we pause to recognize the birth of the Christian church. In today’s passage, Ephesians 1: 11:14, Paul tells the first believers that they have received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Because we too have heard and accepted the Gospel, His spirit dwells in us. We are His children and therefore guaranteed the same inheritance. Recognizing that we are God’s own calls for a celebration of the unique gifts the Lord has bestowed upon each of us. The sermon tells us that when others do not treat us as children of God and there is no affirmation, our very humanity is devalued. That may become the basis of excruciating spiritual pain. The riots we are witnessing in the United States at this unprecedented time are the outcry of pain unleashed. Rioters feel unvalued and hopeless. They are seeking an inkling of acknowledgement and an outlet for their overflowing anguish. Though society, individual families, or even the church may fail to acknowledge the worthiness and Holy Spirit in others, never forget we are all valued by God. He sees us and we can count on Him to claim us as His own. Because we are His, at this very moment we can have peace, joy, kindness, and a life full of grace and abundance. The seal of the Holy Spirit allows us to remain hopeful, secure in the knowledge that He values us and calls us His own. We can never be denied our inheritance. Because of His remarkable down-payment plan, we enjoy our blessings right now. We are His children and His claim on our lives mean that we can live our lives on purpose, be productive, and full of praise. This life, born of His spirit and full of His love, is just a foretaste of glory divine, the best that is surely to come.
Duration:24 mins 45 secs

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