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Sun, May 31, 2020

God's Property

Today’s scripture, Romans 14: 7-9, encourages believers in the diverse Roman church to recognize that they all belong to God. They were born again therefore they were to live a life that is pleasing to God, for no one who has been born again lives only for themselves.

As Christians, we too belong to God, in life and in death. Our pastor gives us distinct implications that help us understand what this truly means. The first implication is our utter dependency on Him. We surrender all to the Lord. A myriad of experiences teach us that even the people we align ourselves with for a sense of belonging, at some point will fail or even betray us. They may be our kin or kindred, our long-time friends, or organizations. But there is no failure in God. We can always depend on Him; therefore, we surrender freely to His will.

>/p> The second implication is our sacrifice. We willingly sacrifice to serve God and His people. Through random or deliberate acts of kindness we sacrifice and serve. Christians live life to please the Lord, for that is what truly matters. Witnessing people who protest the mere inconvenience of protecting others from the spread of a virus do not understand that sacrifice is for the greater good. Where is their humanity? Do they not know their selfishness can be harmful and impact others?

We Christians belong to the Lord and we have security. Divine ownership provides security in this life and in death. There is no need to fear because God keeps us and guides us. We can live full, abundant lives secure in the knowledge that He is with us all of our days, and even after our days on earth have ended.

Finally, surrendering to the Lord, sacrificing for others well-being, and living a life secure in His care means we are satisfied. We are satisfied in our heart and soul because we please our Creator. We are never isolated because He is with us and we dwell among a community of believers. Though we may be for a time separated by space and distance, we are one because we belong to Him. We are God’s property.
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