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This week our pastor’s sermon explores a universal truth. When you invest in something you expect a return, and when you invest in someone the probability of a return is not so predictable. Then he delves into the text from the fourth chapter of Philippians, verses 15 through 20, where Apostle Paul expresses gratitude to the Philippian church. Paul’s ministry has received in abundance from the church so he acknowledges their gifts, assuring them that God will fulfill their needs as well. The lessons we can learn from the Philippian church are twofold. First, when a posture of exceptional generosity is adopted, we can surmise that the attitude and disposition of the giver is grounded in genuine care and concern. Certainly, we can agree that giving in this manner is rewarding. Sharing the gifts God has entrusted to us can be downright exhilarating to the giver and the receiver. God’s gifts are not to be hoarded and we cannot keep them for ourselves. Secondly, we learn about the practice of giving extravagantly. Extravagant gifts know no limit. God’s gifts are overflowing and inexhaustible. They cannot be destroyed or depleted. Words that encourage, the gift of presence, understanding, a gentle touch, a loving smile – these are the most precious gifts one can offer. They have the power to sustain, uplift and help in immeasurable ways on this journey called life. So, give generously with a sunny disposition and an extravagant heart. Give out of your abundant blessings and watch your spiritual portfolio grow, not just multiply, but exponentially. Give and give until it helps. And, gift recipients, never ever forget to say, “Thank you”.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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