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Sun, Mar 01, 2020

Have You Got Good Religion

This passage of scripture, Matthew 21: 12-17, depicts Jesus as he is rarely seen. He is angry at the disturbing activities that are counter to his religion taking place in his house of prayer. Are we, like Jesus, angered by faith that fails to stand up against wrong? The sermon helps us discover if we too have good religion.

Good religion has prophetic tension. It finds injustice unsettling and does not hesitate to overturn the status quo. It calls out what has been accepted and deemed normal as the anomaly that it is. Religion that is good empowers the weak, enabling the disabled to overcome whatever silences and holds them back. It advocates for the voiceless. Religion that is good is strong enough to dismantle harmful institutions, and all people are treated with respect and are valued.

Being inclusive, and not exclusive is a cornerstone of good religion. If today’s shrinking churches were truly introspective, they may discover they are not welcoming and embracing of all of God’s people. Do they only desire members who are well-connected, prosperous, able-bodied, articulate and highly educated? Good religion reaches out to everyone.

Lastly, good religion always has a witness and is not intimidated by convention. It is not bound by those who sit in high places with unseeing hearts and minds. The establishment may not grasp what the Lord is doing right before their very eyes. Good religion erupts in unbridled praise when witnessing Jesus’s good and amazing works.

Though earthly powers may seek to suppress us, violating our humanity, isn’t it good to know that we can still love a religion that gives us hope and dreams? Now that, my beloved, is good religion.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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