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Sun, Feb 06, 2022

If I Knew What I Know Now

Today our pastor hones in on the summary clause of scripture from Nehemiah 11:1, which reads, “At the time, I was cupbearer to the king.” In this autobiographical memoir of the praying Nehemiah, we find he is in service to a Persian king and therefore uniquely located in a position to gain the king’s favor to help his people in his hometown of Jerusalem. Pastor Victor’s timely and moving sermon brings to our attention four pertinent aspects of location.

The first aspect of location is that we are all temporally located. Every one of us live in a chronological period and we need to recognize that our time is a precious gift from God. Nehemiah understood that his location at the time in the royal palace was not just an individual privilege, but an opportunity to help his native Jerusalem. Our moments are to be used to help others by doing the Lord’s work. Every minute, every hour, of every day is an opportunity to do something worthwhile, to do something good.

The second aspect is that we are situationally located. We are a product of the time in which we live. There is no need to look back longingly for what is behind us, for that was not our time. Although this time is fraught with political divisions, a global pandemic, violence and brazen racism, the Lord placed us here for such a time as this. He designed us to endure and is counting on us to live faithfully and boldly during our given days.

The third aspect is being professionally located. Though our work may be difficult or even risky at times, we are located right where God needs us, for there He can use us to expand His kingdom. Like Nehemiah, in our professional location we may have access to the powerful and those in authority. There we have the opportunity to influence others and change hearts and minds. Wherever we are we can serve as witnesses of God’s goodness in our lives. We can be a blessing even in the workplace environment.

Then lastly, we are socially located. Nehemiah in his social location as servant to a king had a unique position and access to ask for the favor of the king to help his people. Though we may feel like the least, God can elevate us to a position of leadership where we can serve Him best.

We are temporally, situationally, professionally, and socially located to do great things for the Lord. Do not languish for we must optimize the gift of chronological time that He has given to us. Be assured that we are built for this time, and when we pray to a listening God as Nehemiah did and align ourselves with His plan and purpose all things are possible. So, my beloved, at present you can say, if I knew then what I know now, I have no reason to worry about anything for the Lord will always work it out.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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