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Sun, Dec 22, 2019

In The Company of Fools

With Christmas fast approaching, our pastor takes his text from Matthew 2:7-12. This is very important scripture as we commemorate the birth of the Christ child, and like the wise men we also find ourselves surrounded by fools and foolishness. We can learn from the wisdom of the Magi who knew to follow the star, though as they traveled they encountered King Herod, a conniving, tragic fool. The lesson we learn today is how to handle the company of fools.

Although one is respectful of those in authority, wisdom follows ultimate authority. Instead of living a life to please people, those who are wise always follow the Lord, and desire to be in relationship with Him. It may be costly when we break with worldly authority, but Christians seek to represent His kingdom here on earth.

The wise men celebrated the birth of Christ, even as the narcissist ruler tried to trick them. The world cannot rob us of the overwhelming joy we experience because of the presence of the Prince of Peace in our lives. Jesus’ birth is our source of unspeakable joy. Hatred, mean-spiritedness, troubles, trials, nor tribulations are a match for this overwhelming joy. Therefore, we adore Him and we celebrate!

We also learn from the scripture that wise people have an uncanny ability to recognize another way. Instead of being led by societal norms, they are directed by a moral compass, the true north. In our divided country, separated by fear and a lack of respect for universal humanity, the wise look up for direction. Situations may not change, however, after we meet Jesus; we change.

Most assuredly we will sometimes find ourselves in the company of fools. However, the wise, those who follow Christ, always know how to handle misguided fools.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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