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Sun, Jul 21, 2019

Intercessory Prayer

This sermon is focused on the well-known narrative of Job, a godly man who was tried and tested by the Lord. In this 42nd chapter of Job, amid his own devastating suffering and loss, Job prayed for his three fair-weather friends. He was called to intercede prayerfully on their behalf.

Our pastor gives us three powerful reasons to do as Job did and pray for others outside our circle, even those who personally offend us, and are not on the path of righteousness. Pastor Victor describes why as believers we ought to engage in intercessory prayer. First, we are required to pray even for our adversaries. Because God loves us and we have a relationship with Him, He wants us to love everyone, including those who forsake us. We are to pray for the uplift of others.

Secondly, intercessory prayer has the power of reconciliation. The Lord wants us to reconcile with those who are against us. Just as the He has shown us mercy when we have gone astray, intercessory prayer petitions the Lord to be merciful. Our compassionate heart, borne out of our own experience and endurance, prays for others to know what God can do and be blessed.

Remember, we are required to intercede on behalf of others and reconcile with our enemies. The third reason intercessory prayer is important is that it restores. When we pray earnestly for others, we in turn are blessed. God sees the depth of our faith in Him and recognizes that we understand that humanity is universal. An open heart is restored with the Lord’s richest blessings. Won’t you open your heart and spread His love to your fellow man? The selfless act of intercessory prayer is good for those we pray for; and it restores and renews us as well.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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