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Sun, Jan 20, 2019

Let Us Break Bread Together

Today’s text, taken from the 2nd chapter of Acts, verses 37 through 42, states the early church was truly devoted. The church was attentive to the Word of God, enjoyed a hearty fellowship, prayed and communed together. The early church established breaking bread as a symbol of Christianity, and to this very day bread symbolizes our remembrance of Him. This sermon brings to us a greater comprehension of the truths symbolized by the bread.

Firstly, the bread reminds us to look to the past and remember that God has always seen us through. No matter the height of the challenge or how dire the straits, God has taken care of us. He has seen us through illness, loss, disappointment and life’s chaos. The Lord will not forsake us.

As we partake of the bread, we are reminded that he is not only the God of our past; in the present day he is with us still. The bread we hold in our hands is the proof. We consume foods we did not prepare and acquire material things we had no hand in making. We are constantly blessed with the work of others. We are recipients of God’s grace each and every day. As we receive undeserved mercy and unearned grace, be mindful that we are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others.

Another truth symbolized by the bread is the presence of God. Bread represents abundant life. Jesus is the bread of life and he dwells in each one of us. For that reason, we can conquer any forces external to us. Job losses, shutdowns, illness, and loneliness are no match for the fire of God that resides deep inside. As we commune remember He is ever present.

The fourth truth to remember when we break bread is that we have a future. He will always make provision. He provided for generations past and will continue to provide for generations to come. Circumstances of the past and the present do not diminish our prospects. There are brighter days ahead because he watches over us. The bread of life is everlasting, and it is for everyone.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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