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Sun, Jan 19, 2020

MOBC January 19th, 2020 The Ch

On this first Sunday of a brand-new decade, our pastor shared with us an exciting theme for 2020. The theme is, “Being and Becoming: Living Our Identity in Christ”. The sermon text was taken from Colossians 2: 6-7, which focuses on living in union with Christ.

The pastor delves into the issue of those who are faithful to the church looking upon people who do not attend with a level of disdain. Pastor Victor asked the assembled church regulars to be self-reflective. Have we simply chosen church, or are we truly living our lives in him? He provides instruction to help us arrive at the answer.

In order to radically adhere and commit to the way of Jesus Christ, we must first receive him and be open. Are we vessels ready to be filled with his spirit, his power, his peace, his love supreme, and his purpose for our lives? When we receive him, Jesus in turn receives us. What a comfort to know that when we are immersed in Christ, we have permanent access to his divine protection.

Secondly, choosing the Christian option means we do not leave our Christianity in the vestibule on Sunday. Christianity is our way of life. We live as Christians no matter where we are, and even when no one is watching. It matters not if we are in church worshiping, in the eye of the public-at-large or relaxing at home. We always choose him. Finally, choosing the Christian option means there is continuity. After we have made Jesus our choice, there are no starts and stops. There is no turning away from this easy choice. Jesus Christ is the only way. Now that you know of his goodness, wouldn’t you choose him all over again?
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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