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Sun, Oct 18, 2020

The Politics of Allegiance

Today Pastor Victor introduces to us a new sermon series that is especially relevant in our current environment and situation. The series is titled, “The Politics of Jesus”, and the text, Matthew 22: 15-22, will guide us this fall as we cast our ballots. In this passage we gain assurance that our utmost allegiance is to God.

The question as to whether to pledge our support to a particular political power or loyalty to God may seem perplexing and confusing, but Jesus makes it crystal clear. He does not advocate a split between the secular and the sacred. When we vote, participate in various organizations, conduct our work or serve our community, we must bring our God-conscience along. Every place we are and everything we do is sacred.

There is no need for us to be apolitical, for in carrying out our civic duties and paying our fair share to contribute to the greater good, we are still practicing our faith. We have no need to worry that we are serving two rulers. God is not in a competition with our earthly leaders, nor is he competing with evil. Though dynasties end, and presidencies have term limits, our sovereign Creator’s rule is everlasting.

In this divided nation some may insist that love of God and country must be demonstrated by pledging allegiance to a flag. Yet Christians know that our ultimate loyalty and allegiance is only to our God.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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