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Sun, Feb 24, 2019

Moving from Pain to Praise

In the 48th chapter of Genesis, a dying Jacob had lived a long time with sorrow because he mourned his son, Joseph. His pain was transformed to praise when learned Joseph was alive, and he set eyes not only Joseph, but Joseph’s sons as well. Keeping his covenant, God had blessed Jacob abundantly, and he could envision a bright future for generations to come.

Just as Jacob knew pain, to be human is to experience pain. However, there is a way to move past the pain all the way to praise. So, how does one move from pain to praise? Our pastor tells us that pain must first be probed to be eradicated. Until the truth has been revealed, complete healing cannot take place. Facing the pain can lead to sweet relief and recognition that God is always faithful, and he keeps us through our darkest days.

Secondly, when we take careful inventory and peer into the present, we will assuredly conclude that God is blessing our lives. We are richly blessed. Doesn’t God continuously exceed your expectations? He blesses us with more love, more provision, more success, and more joy than we ever dreamed of.

Lastly, the Lord gives us a glimpse of our future. Can’t you see it? When we look into the faces of the next generation, we feel hopeful. They are a projection of the blessings to come. We can rest easy that the God who kept us and saw us through the pain, will never leave or desert us nor those we care about. His promises are generational.

Probe the pain to understand its origin, then peer into your current circumstance and acknowledge the goodness that surrounds you. Project the joy to come. Remember, our pain is part of the journey that leads to us praise.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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