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Especially, in times like these, we need a stabilizing, reassuring word. Taking his text from Psalm 12:1-2, our pastor provides just the right word, nudging us from anxious questions to bold declarations of faith. How, you may ask, are minds transformed from fearfulness to courageousness?

First, you must govern your gaze. If we keep a steady horizontal gaze, we can become fixated on the turbulence and uncertainty that surrounds us. However, when we choose to shift our gaze upward, we are looking to the one who helps us overcome the troubles of this world. Look up, for there you will find the Lord.

Secondly, when you personalize your perspective, you are taking control. A positive outlook and attitude result when our point of view is focused on God. We are not overwhelmed with feelings of gloom and doom. The Lord is mightier than this crowned virus that is currently wreaking havoc all over the globe. Worship him and ease your fears and anxiety, knowing that God will see you through. He is our divine protector and our healer.

Lastly, you must convey confidence in the creator. It matters not whether you believe God created something out of nothing, or you believe he created order out of chaos. Because he is the maker of heaven and earth, you can be confident that God can speak order out of any worldly crisis.

Oh, believers of waning faith, look to the hills for that is where our help comes from. Be assured that God is the answer to our existential questions based on worry and fear. Now is the time to declare and strengthen your faith in him.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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