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As we remember the middle passage, honor our heritage, and celebrate our achievements, it is especially apropos that our pastor focused on scripture that emphasizes Jesus’ own unmerited suffering, and the hope his resurrection gives us as a people. His life provides us instruction for what to do in the face of our own suffering and sorrow. Jesus does not ignore crisis but confronts it immediately, giving correction to error. Calling out and facing demonic behavior is the right way to fix what is against God’s will. We must stir things up to change or eliminate systemic problems, ways of thinking and actions that are driven by the devil. In the scripture we see that Jesus protests the powers. Because we have the ultimate power on our side, we can be persuasive. We can demand that whatever is standing in the way of progress and our ability to carry out God’s mission, to move out of our way. Jesus commanded Satan to get in his right place - behind him. The only power the devil should have is to propel us away from him in order to live out the Lord’s purpose for our lives. Instead of focusing on earthly matters, Jesus refocused the fixation. Even in the midst of the struggle, we should be fixated on what the Lord has in store for us. Pastor Victor urged us to tap into our tiptoe faith. That is a faith that sees beyond real and present suffering. Tiptoe faith allows us a glimpse of brighter days ahead. Nobody knows the trouble we’ve seen, but we know because Jesus lives in us, we have hope and a future.
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