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Sun, Sep 22, 2019

Prayers from The Down Under

The story of Jonah may be one of the most familiar of all the stories in the bible. However, our pastor invites us to revisit this story to remind us of God’s power and renew our faith. The text is taken from the 17th verse of the first chapter of Jonah, and the 2nd chapter verses, 1- 10. The passage reminds us that God always see us and protects us, even in our downward spirals. In the underbelly of the whale, in overwhelming distress, Jonah prayed to the Lord.

In our own desperation, we too can pray to God. Desperate times call for desperate prayers. Although not eloquent and poetic, these prayers have depth because they express our immediate needs. He hears our desperate, distress prayers because they are earnest and originate from our belief in Him.

Prayers from down under signify our indebtedness. Praying while we are at our lowest and drowning in hopelessness acknowledges Him. These prayers are full of thanksgiving. We know we can count on Him because He has been there for us before. We have no doubt that help is on the way and we will not perish. Through weary years and silent tears, our ancestors prayed these prayers, giving thanks for a brighter future they would not see.

Jonah’s tale reminds us that Lord is our deliverer. From the darkness of down under, God delivered Jonah. He will deliver us, too. He will hear our prayer; He will speak to whatever circumstance in which we find ourselves. Turning from Him will not cause Him to turn from us. Prayer will deliver us out of distress. So, keep on praying from down under. He will lift you up.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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