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Sun, Jun 02, 2019

Sins of the Father (replay)

Especially on the day we honor fathers, the lessons in this ninth chapter of Genesis are important ones that deserve close attention. First, when God chooses a man to be a father (and God chose Noah to repopulate the earth after the forty-day, forty-night flood) he should step up and take the responsibility seriously. Fathers should recognize that God has called them to partner with Him and avoid distractions, like the drunkenness that Noah succumbed to, that cause them to not live up to their assignment.

It is sad, even tragic, when we witness fathers who miss out on the blessing that is fatherhood because they fill their days with misguided, unworthy pursuits. Secondly, the blessed assignment of fatherhood has a generational impact. Distracted, absent, or sinful fathers can cause future generations to live with the burden of their sins and shortcomings. Admirable fathers are courageous enough to admit the error of their ways, be present, and do not relegate their mistakes to children who are not the source of the problem. Admit it, you have seen this happen all around you. Instead of self-reflection and self-correction, fathers (and mothers) sometimes blame their children for their sins, curse them, or even abuse them, instead of owning up to their personal faults.

Sometimes the children behave with the discipline and maturity the father lacks. The third lesson we can learn from this passage is that there needs to be balance. When called to be a father, the father should take on full responsibility whenever they fall short. Fathers should never curse their children but cherish and affirm them. Doesn’t every child deserve to be cherished and affirmed? Imagine if all fathers stepped fully into their role without fruitless distractions, gave constant love and encouragement, nurturing their own children and other children in need of a father. Imagine if all fathers recognized that God saw something special in them and decided to bring them into partnership with Him. Just as Jesus’ death on the cross washed our sins away and give us a new life, imagine if fathers focused on reversing harmful cycles, putting their children’s lives on positive trajectories which would most assuredly lead to bright, rewarding futures.
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