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Sun, Jan 27, 2019

Students Of the Word

In the second chapter of Acts, the early church’s devotion to the word reminds us of the wisdom and benefits of looking to God’s word as our moral compass. In the word there is not only power, but the source of vitality to see us through. His word is what we need to stay steady in this tumultuous world. God’s word has the power to counter injustice, loss, pain and strife.

To grow in our knowledge of the word we need to assume the posture of an eager pupil, acknowledging that we are lacking and have much to learn. The best students enthusiastically soak up the Master’s teachings. Just as the early church studied the word, we should show up with joyful eagerness to absorb and learn more.

Students of the word have no fear of following a pathway that is counter to the culture in which we live. The word is the student’s guide and not those who surround them. They have willingness to walk in an alternative direction than the mainstream. Seek not earthly affirmation but live for heaven’s rewards. When we walk down his path, others will recognize that we belong to him.

Those devoted to studying the word assume a perspective of victory. They keep the faith amid hopelessness, sickness, financial crisis, insanity and chaos. No matter the current circumstance or situation, victory awaits. The word tells us through the risen Christ, and it is so.

Devote yourselves to the word. Let it dwell in your head and your heart. Keep on studying and learn all you can, and surely the word will lead you down the path of victory.
Duration:25 mins 3 secs

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