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Sun, Jul 28, 2019

The Missionary Imperative

The last words of the risen Christ from the 28th chapter of Matthew are always apropos on Missionary Sunday. The Great Commission is Jesus’ instruction to his most devoted followers - the remaining eleven disciples - and to us. Jesus calls on us to spread the gospel throughout the world. He instructs Christians to be missionaries. The pastor imparted to us the missionary imperative, which must overcome our missionary impulse. This is the impulse to spread the gospel from a posture of superiority and domination. First, recognizing that mission originates from the partial, it is important to understand the real imperative of our mission. As a result of our broken, traumatic, heart-shattering experiences, Jesus can use us to spread the gospel and help others. Have you ever been down and out, feeling you had no future, no hope? But by His grace, here you are, whole and full of joy. You, my beloved, are well-suited to be a missionary. The missionary imperative commands us to leave our safe and comfortable places, sitting on the church’s cushy pews, and go out into the world. The missionary imperative requires our beliefs to be reflected in our actions. Belief without action is empty and does not reach those who need us most. We must to go to the periphery of life, leaving the center. The missionary imperative requires giving praise to our Savior and worshiping Him, even when we are uncertain. Praise and worship acknowledge that He deserves it all. No matter how high we rise, no matter how much we may think of ourselves, we owe it all to Jesus. He has all power and all authority in His hands. He is the Son and our connection to the Father. Lastly, mission starts from a place of promise. Jesus promised that He will be with us, not for a little while, but until the end of the ages. He will be our friend, our provider, our light in darkness. Oh, what comfort to know we are never alone because He promised! No, never alone. Never will He leave us alone.
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