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The United States is just days away from the pinnacle of this unprecedented election season, and this powerful sermon focuses on an obsession with law and order that is pervasive even today. The text, John 7:53 – 8-11, provides an example of law and order that is unjust because there is an effort to enforce it inequitably. Pastor Victor explores the pressing question we want Jesus to answer for us concerning unequal and unfair treatment under the law.

In the passage, the zealous Pharisees ask Jesus a question seeking to entrap him. He initially answers them with silence connoting his disgust with their attempt at unequal distribution of the law. Instead of punishment and penalization of the sinner, and we are all sinners, did they not know that Jesus’s mission is making troubled souls whole? He does not seek to denigrate his own; Jesus wants us to turn away from sin and live full, abundant lives.

Jesus then addresses the aggregated accusers directly. He challenges them to reflect on their own transgressions. Upon self-reflection surely our own conscience will remind us of past wrongdoings, and we will recognize that we are not qualified to judge anyone. No one, not even Jesus who is without sin, can stand in judgement of another. Only God can judge.

Finally, Jesus speaks with humanity to the accused. He asks the woman to identify those who can condemn her. Seeing there is no one she recognizes his grace and mercy. She is more than her sin and she is liberated to move beyond her shameful past with a brand-new opportunity to get it right. Jesus also pardons us through the same grace and the same mercy. He wants no part of the ugly politics of unjust law and order. Christ bent down and rose up to offer us forgiveness and to live a life that honors and glorifies God.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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