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Sun, Jan 26, 2020

The Role of Roots

This Sunday’s sermon text was Colossians 2: 6–7, and this week the pastor emphasized being rooted in Jesus Christ. Although Christians sometimes elevate Jesus to a level where he seems inaccessible, he is always available to us. We live in Christ and we are privileged to be rooted in him. Consider three essential functions of roots that help us to comprehend this privilege.

First, just as healthy roots provide nutrients for a plant to grow strong and produce good fruit, being rooted in Christ feeds us. Divine nurture means we live in his grace. His goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives. Conversely, being fed by evil results in lives dominated by greed, fear and hatred.

Another function of a root is to develop more roots. A Christian grounded in Jesus is obliged to tell the story of his goodness. Surely, you agree that hearing a testimony within church walls is inspiring. However, sharing testimony with those who have not yet received Jesus Christ can be transformative. Sharing the word grows the community of believers. The spirit of the Lord flourishes when people deeply rooted in him tell others all about it.

Finally, stability results when souls are anchored in the Lord. The remedy for the instability that we experience today is being grounded in the Savior. Relying on Jesus as our root system, means we remain sturdy, unmovable, and steadfast in the face of the uncertainty and challenges that can unnerve the weak. Invariably, life will be filled with furious storms, harsh trials and seemingly unbearable pain. Do not worry, just hold on; he has us and he will not let go.

So, allow your Christian roots to nurture you. If you do this, you will always bear good fruit, you will spread the good news, and you will always stand firm.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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