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Sun, Nov 17, 2019

The Substance of A Saint

In 1st Corinthians chapter 1, verses 1-13, Apostle Paul writes to a morally lax, messy church that they are called to be Jesus’ holy people. Our pastor reminds us that every church, not just the church at Corinth, is imperfect. We should leave expectations for a spotless church experience at the door. However, just as Paul refers to the Corinthians as saints, we are also saints.

Our curiosity is now peaked, and thankfully Pastor Victor does not leave us wondering why we, sinners all, are saints. He goes on to define the substance of saints. A saint is first and foremost saved. Having met Jesus Christ, we are never the same. Because of his grace and blessings, we have experienced a marvelous transformation. We are better than we were.

Secondly, saints are equipped for the task. God provides to us gifts to complete our given assignment. Our particular assets are to be used to make a difference right where we are, or wherever He calls us to go. Your gift may be one of loving kindness, a keen intellect, or dazzling eloquence. Use it to create transformation in your small corner of the world, or all over the globe.

Lastly, saints are those who call on Jesus. We who call on the Lord as our savior are one universal family. He has a claim on our lives because we have been saved by His blood. This claim, this ownership, means there is an exchange. Our wrongs can be exchanged for what is right. Emptiness can be exchanged for wholeness, sadness for joy.

As followers of Christ Jesus, saved by His grace, we are all saints.
Duration:25 mins 4 secs

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