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Authors of today’s best-selling self-help books fail to acknowledge that the true path to success lies in obedience to God. The authors’ formula for success is setting a vision, identifying goals, persevering and overcoming failure. They fail to mention the wisdom God shares with Joshua as he takes on the mantle of Israelite leader upon Moses’ death. Instead of filling up the libraries with volumes of advice from numerous know-it-all authors, the road to success that never fails is obeying God’s word. God guarantees Joshua that he need not fear failure as long as he adheres to His word.

Adherence to the word gives us power even when the world seeks to marginalize and persecute us. The power of the word will bring us through the loneliest nights, the darkest days and conquer all of our weaknesses. The word will give us the courage we need to be successful.

Secondly, when we mediate on His word with constancy, the word will become part of our essence. We will no longer be swayed by the distractions and antics going on in the world that surrounds us. We will grow in our relationship with God. When you hold the word into your heart it will see you through.

Lastly, success is not attained, and failure overcome if we simply obey and meditate on the word. We must take the next step and activate the word. Words without action are meaningless, they are empty. Holding the word in your heart and reflecting on His word is not enough. Our behavior must also reflect the power of the word. Achieving success requires His word being reflected in our behavior. We are to love the unlovable, embrace our enemies and live so that God can use us. Our formula for success is to obey His word, meditate on His word and activate His word. Therefore, your life will be filled with peace, abundance and a clear path to success.
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