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Sun, Mar 10, 2019

The Work of The Spiritual

This week the pastor takes his text from the 6th chapter of Galatians. He began the sermon asking the congregation to ponder the question, “How far can a child of God fall?” Are there any transgressions that disqualify God’s children from sweet redemption? Thankfully, the answer is all believers are qualified to be redeemed.

Since all of God’s children can be redeemed, you may ask how this restoration is achieved? First of all, restoration takes place in community. The spiritually mature work to embrace and restore their fallen brothers and sisters. Those who are spiritual use their gentle power to heal, uplift and bless the sinner.

Secondly, when those who know his mercy conduct self-inventory of their own transgressions and weaknesses, they show reciprocity. They recognize that they have been in the same place. They acknowledge that only His goodness turned their life around after personal indiscretions and failings. Recipients of his grace and love, are in turn gracious and loving to others who are experiencing a moral lapse.

Finally, restoration is achieved in love. As spiritual beings we are to fulfill the law of love. Love lifts us out of the abyss of our misdeeds to higher heights of restoration and forgiveness. If all were to live by his spirt of love, and not be strictly bound by law, what a wonderful world this would be. Because we live in God’s grace and receive new mercies every day, our job is to embrace, love and help restore those who have fallen short along the way.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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