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Sun, Mar 29, 2020

What Can the Righteous Do?

Spring, the season of refreshing renewal and eternal optimism has arrived. However, some believers may be feeling varying degrees of pessimism because it seems their entire foundation is crumbling. So, our pastor focuses on Psalm 11, preaching a powerful, uplifting sermon to hold us steady in these unsettling times. His sermon helps to ease our fears and erase our doubts during this frantic, expansive crisis. And just as David asked in verse three, we must ask ourselves, “What can the righteous do?”

Well, God’s righteous people have to keep on believing. We know that God is still on the throne and is always in control. The believer keeps on worshiping no matter what comes to pass. We will not freeze, nor will we flee. We will stay in the fight because with God anything is possible.

The righteous maintain the moral high ground. While others are unraveling and exhibiting greedy, inhumane behavior during this unprecedented halt in our lives, the righteous show compassion and dole out extra doses of kindness. We can be the voice of reason, the listening ear, the encourager. We can be God’s vessels of hope.

At all times, the righteous must continue to pray. Engaging the Lord through prayer prepares us for whatever lies ahead. When we give our cares and worries to God, he will fix it. Do not fear. Pray, for this storm too shall pass. Prayer warriors, be brave, for prayer has the power to defeat any enemy that dares to harm the righteous of God.
Duration:1 mins 34 secs

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