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Sun, May 05, 2019

What The Lord Needs

On this Palm Sunday, our pastor took his text from Matthew’s 21st chapter, verses 1 through 7. As Jesus enters Jerusalem, he unexpectedly asks for a donkey and its colt. If the Lord had need for a beast of burden on the road to Calvary, assuredly, the Lord needs us to serve in his kingdom as well. Let us consider how we can fulfill our own purpose for his kingdom.

The pastor focuses on three things that explain what the Lord needs from us. First of all, his word frees us from whatever hinders us from being available and being of value to him. Because of the word we can overcome the ties that bind us to worry, stifling guilt and lack of confidence. The word liberates us to serve a higher purpose, his purpose.

Secondly, there is no greater claim on our lives than being in service to God. His need for our service is exclusive. While others may deem us unfit or unworthy to become a member of their club or even associating with them, the Lord looks beyond our shortcomings and limitations. Although some may find satisfaction in ostracizing and excluding others, all that really matters is what we do for the Lord.

Lastly, our true worth is tied to how valuable we are to the Lord. As Christians, we live to please him and become someone he can use for the uplifting of his kingdom. There is no higher calling than being in service to the Lord. When we are doing his work here on earth, our service is of the utmost value. Serving the Lord is priceless because we are serving royalty. We are serving the King of Kings.

He gave his life for us, and all he needs from us is our faithful service.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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