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March is Women’s History Month, and on this first Sunday of the month, the pastor promised to focus on some of the Bible’s influential women. So, in the 15th chapter of Matthew, we learn more about the anonymous Canaanite woman, the mother of a beloved, but demonized daughter. This woman’s faith is a lesson in authentic worship. Authentic worship requires you to come into the presence of the divine. The woman from Canaan ignored her detractors and naysayers and pressed her way into the presence of Jesus. In order to truly worship you must first be in the presence of One - the Holy One. Shut out the maddening noise and life’s endless distractions. Let nothing and no one stop you from coming to Jesus. Authentic worship also includes assuming the correct posture. When you worship him by bowing down and falling on your knees, you are demonstrating humility and respect in the presence of Christ. Surrendering yourself to him in worship means it is not about how you define yourself, or who the world says you are. It is about who he is. We are somebody only because of our Savior. He is the living God and we are here to worship him. Once we are in his presence and humble ourselves before him, authentic worship requires a true confession of our need. We keep the faith because we recognize we can do nothing without him. Faith that keeps on worshiping and never giving up is faith that leads to a breakthrough. Even when it seems Jesus has turned away from us, the strength of our faith will get his divine attention. Now isn’t that cause for a great celebration!

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