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Sun, Jun 23, 2019

When the Wind Blows

Genesis 1:1-5 recalls the glory of God creating and shaping out of dark shapelessness our magnificent earth. He used the power of the wind to create order out of chaos. Just imagine if he had chosen to have the air remain calm and placid. What if he had not said, “Let there be light!” What kind of world would this be?

Our pastor reminds us that no matter how sticky the situation or how messy the chaos that surrounds us, God is always above us. While we are urgently attempting to stay steady as our country is facing an existential crisis, seemingly spinning rapidly out of control, God is in control. As we deal with the messiness in our work life or even our personal lives, remember he is still in control. As God hovered over the earth during creation, he hovers still, managing the chaos.

Opportunities come down to take us where he wants us to be. God will stir us up and cause us agitation to get us to move from stagnant, stifling places. Places that we have allowed to become our “new normal”. We may have to suffer some heartbreaks, setbacks and upheavals for God to get us to live the life he intends for us. Grab onto the opportunities presented without fear. God will see you through.

There is a distinct correlation between the wind and his word. Just as the wind blew and he spoke, God will speak directly to the disorder in your life. He is addressing your mess. When he speaks to your sickness, you will be healed. The Lord can bring you peace and make your spirit whole. The living God is in the wind that blows, creating life and beauty, bringing order out of chaos and sending down blessings every single day. All glory to God!
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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