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Sun, Sep 08, 2019

When Worship Becomes Risky

In this 6th chapter of Judges, verses 25-32, judge and prophet Gideon was called to free his people and condemn their idolatry. The military leader doubted his own ability but he knew God would be with him. Although fearful of how obeying God would impact his relationships, he was courageous and faithful. In a world where people are quick to publicly denounce others and worship false idols, are you willing to take the risk and do whatever God calls you to do?

Worshiping God can risk our associations. Some place too much value on relationships with friends, family and even society at-large to boldly represent for God. This nation has an unhealthy obsession with attention-seeking celebrities and reality stars who can be characterized by arrogance and extreme narcissism. People idolize and emulate them and do their utmost to live as they do. These false idols are part of the reason this country is faced with agonizing crises and growing immorality.

If more time were spent living by God’s principles and not living by cowardly and damaging principles, we would all be better off. We should risk our claim and focus on gaining His favor instead of focusing on building a reputation for others here on earth to admire. A large faction of our leadership aims to please influential lobbies and either stand on the wrong side of justice and humanity, or simply remain dangerously silent. Consequently, we are witnessing increasingly frequent and horrifying carnage and tattering of our moral fabric. People are living in fear, growing hatred and not in obedience to God. It is He who keeps us safe, not live-shattering weapons.

God needs us to be His hands and His feet. He needs us to be willing to risk our advantage and go out and be the church in our communities. We must reach out to those who need the love and care we are able to give because we know for ourselves the love and power of God. Risk it all to be his ambassador. God is counting on us to worship Him and be His faith-filled risk takers. .
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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