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Sun, Aug 18, 2019

Word Cycle

Today’s sermon, from the 55th chapter of Isaiah, is tailor-made for Christians who sometimes stray from the word. It is a potent reminder of the word’s ability to produce an intended result and deliver us to our divine destiny. His word will surely see us through.

God’s word has a purpose and therefore always accomplishes what it intends. We may not always see God’s miraculous transformation in our lives because the shift can be subtle. He is a God of might and finesse. When our predicament or present situation overwhelms, we can fortify ourselves with His word. Indeed, there is a word for every human condition.

Because the word is flexible it has great strength. Buildings designed to withstand gale force winds and trees that stand tall in the aftermath of a hurricane are able to do so because of their flexibility. They are not destroyed by immense pressure. The word allows us to weather the storms of life as well. The word is not rigid. Though we may sometimes follow the wrong path, taking a detour on our way to where He wants us to be, the word meets us where we are and turns us around.

When danger is no more, after He has dried our tears, when the breakthrough comes, and the shadows have passed, God’s word returns to Him as praise. When his word is fulfilled, all that is left to do is spread the word and praise Him. The word cycle is complete.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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