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Sun, Feb 23, 2020

You Can't Make Me Doubt Him

Today’s sermon is taken from Colossians 2nd chapter, verses 6 and 7. This month the pastor delved deeply into this scripture, assuring us that since we have chosen the Christian option, we are deeply rooted in Jesus, and we are built to last. Today, he tells us that because we are established in the faith, we are constantly being and becoming more like Christ.

As Christians we should always be eager to become even more established in the faith, seeking to grow in generosity, in loving, in kindness, and in our spirituality. After all, we have been bought with a price. The first way that we become more established in the faith is by adhering to the tradition. We know Christ’s teachings and we know what is right. Therefore, we must do what is right. Though we may at times fall short, we are to strive to embrace and love all of humanity just like our Savior.

Secondly, the text tells us we are to be abounding in thanksgiving. Ridiculous is the word the pastor uses to describe the vastness of our thanksgiving. In our greatest joy, and even our deepest sorrow we are to give him our outlandish thanks. As the song says, thank him for our mountains, and thank him for our valleys. We know that through it all he has never left our side, deepening our faith. He has been good to us, for he is good. And there is no way you can make me doubt him.
Duration:25 mins 2 secs

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