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LIving Our Identity In Christ

LIving Our Identity In Christ

Jan 2020 - Mar 2020
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Sun, Mar 01, 2020
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
This passage of scripture, Matthew 21: 12-17, depicts Jesus as he is rarely seen. He is angry at the disturbing activities that are counter to his religion taking place in his house of prayer. Are we, like Jesus, angered by faith that fails to stand up against wrong? The sermon helps us discover if we too have good religion.

Good religion has prophetic tension. It finds injustice unsettling and does not hesitate to overturn the status quo. It calls out what has been accepted and deemed normal as the anomaly that it is. Religion that is good empowers the weak, enabling the disabled to overcome whatever silences and holds them back. It advocates for the voiceless. Religion that is good is strong enough to dismantle harmful institutions, and all people are treated with respect and are valued.

Being inclusive, and not exclusive is a cornerstone of good religion. If today’s shrinking churches were truly introspective, they may discover they are not welcoming and embracing of all of God’s people. Do they only desire members who are well-connected, prosperous, able-bodied, articulate and highly educated? Good religion reaches out to everyone.

Lastly, good religion always has a witness and is not intimidated by convention. It is not bound by those who sit in high places with unseeing hearts and minds. The establishment may not grasp what the Lord is doing right before their very eyes. Good religion erupts in unbridled praise when witnessing Jesus’s good and amazing works.

Though earthly powers may seek to suppress us, violating our humanity, isn’t it good to know that we can still love a religion that gives us hope and dreams? Now that, my beloved, is good religion.
Sun, Feb 23, 2020
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
Today’s sermon is taken from Colossians 2nd chapter, verses 6 and 7. This month the pastor delved deeply into this scripture, assuring us that since we have chosen the Christian option, we are deeply rooted in Jesus, and we are built to last. Today, he tells us that because we are established in the faith, we are constantly being and becoming more like Christ.

As Christians we should always be eager to become even more established in the faith, seeking to grow in generosity, in loving, in kindness, and in our spirituality. After all, we have been bought with a price. The first way that we become more established in the faith is by adhering to the tradition. We know Christ’s teachings and we know what is right. Therefore, we must do what is right. Though we may at times fall short, we are to strive to embrace and love all of humanity just like our Savior.

Secondly, the text tells us we are to be abounding in thanksgiving. Ridiculous is the word the pastor uses to describe the vastness of our thanksgiving. In our greatest joy, and even our deepest sorrow we are to give him our outlandish thanks. As the song says, thank him for our mountains, and thank him for our valleys. We know that through it all he has never left our side, deepening our faith. He has been good to us, for he is good. And there is no way you can make me doubt him.
Sun, Feb 02, 2020
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
This Sunday our pastor revisits Colossians 2: 6-7, considering it from another angle. He focused on the metaphor, ‘built up in him’. In last week’s sermon, we were reminded that we are rooted in Jesus Christ. Today he emphasizes we are built up in him. So that we are not confused, we are provided clarity through Pastor Victor’s examination of the text in its entirety. He helps us by expanding on the meaning of this metaphor.

Firstly, elevation means that we have been built to last and possess an upward disposition. We are of purposeful design and durable construction. Christians are structurally sound. Even financial hardships, losses, difficult relationships, illnesses and bouts of melancholy cannot destroy our foundation. God’s children are elevated and poised to withstand anything by always look up.

Because we are in Christ, we are inspired. Inspiration gives us vision and the ability to recognize potential. Our nature is to uplift others and live with a spirit of hope. The Holy Spirit within allows us to imagine something better. We have the power to see situations differently. We are not deterred by what seems impossible; instead we are focused on infinite possibilities.

Motivation launches us from inspiration to aspiration. The Lord has built us to aspire for the highest of human possibilities and be the best version of ourselves. The spirit of the Lord gives us such resilience that we are not overcome by the challenges of the world. As Christians we know downward spirals are merely temporary, and therein lies our hope. We are built to last. We are built for eternity.
Sun, Jan 26, 2020
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
This Sunday’s sermon text was Colossians 2: 6–7, and this week the pastor emphasized being rooted in Jesus Christ. Although Christians sometimes elevate Jesus to a level where he seems inaccessible, he is always available to us. We live in Christ and we are privileged to be rooted in him. Consider three essential functions of roots that help us to comprehend this privilege.

First, just as healthy roots provide nutrients for a plant to grow strong and produce good fruit, being rooted in Christ feeds us. Divine nurture means we live in his grace. His goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives. Conversely, being fed by evil results in lives dominated by greed, fear and hatred.

Another function of a root is to develop more roots. A Christian grounded in Jesus is obliged to tell the story of his goodness. Surely, you agree that hearing a testimony within church walls is inspiring. However, sharing testimony with those who have not yet received Jesus Christ can be transformative. Sharing the word grows the community of believers. The spirit of the Lord flourishes when people deeply rooted in him tell others all about it.

Finally, stability results when souls are anchored in the Lord. The remedy for the instability that we experience today is being grounded in the Savior. Relying on Jesus as our root system, means we remain sturdy, unmovable, and steadfast in the face of the uncertainty and challenges that can unnerve the weak. Invariably, life will be filled with furious storms, harsh trials and seemingly unbearable pain. Do not worry, just hold on; he has us and he will not let go.

So, allow your Christian roots to nurture you. If you do this, you will always bear good fruit, you will spread the good news, and you will always stand firm.
Sun, Jan 19, 2020
Duration: 25 mins 2 secs
On this first Sunday of a brand-new decade, our pastor shared with us an exciting theme for 2020. The theme is, “Being and Becoming: Living Our Identity in Christ”. The sermon text was taken from Colossians 2: 6-7, which focuses on living in union with Christ.

The pastor delves into the issue of those who are faithful to the church looking upon people who do not attend with a level of disdain. Pastor Victor asked the assembled church regulars to be self-reflective. Have we simply chosen church, or are we truly living our lives in him? He provides instruction to help us arrive at the answer.

In order to radically adhere and commit to the way of Jesus Christ, we must first receive him and be open. Are we vessels ready to be filled with his spirit, his power, his peace, his love supreme, and his purpose for our lives? When we receive him, Jesus in turn receives us. What a comfort to know that when we are immersed in Christ, we have permanent access to his divine protection.

Secondly, choosing the Christian option means we do not leave our Christianity in the vestibule on Sunday. Christianity is our way of life. We live as Christians no matter where we are, and even when no one is watching. It matters not if we are in church worshiping, in the eye of the public-at-large or relaxing at home. We always choose him. Finally, choosing the Christian option means there is continuity. After we have made Jesus our choice, there are no starts and stops. There is no turning away from this easy choice. Jesus Christ is the only way. Now that you know of his goodness, wouldn’t you choose him all over again?

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